Welcome back, BVM Darby students and families! We know this school year is unlike any other we have  experienced.  But together and with faith we can overcome anything!  We want this year to feel as normal as possible, while also ensuring the safety and healthy wellbeing of each student and school staff member. 


Here are a few reminders to keep in mind as we return to the classroom each day:

  • Daily temperature checks: Please take your child’s temperature each morning and keep them home if they have an elevated temperature (100.4 and over).
  • Hand washing and sanitizing: We ask each student to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer as often as possible upon entering the building.
  • Social distancing and mask wearing: We will practice social distancing by keeping apart 6 feet, and ask students wear their mask on the bus or when they get up and leave their classrooms. Please send your child with a bag to keep their mask in when not wearing. 
  • Cohorts: Students will be placed in “cohorts.” These are small groups they will spend their entire day with, from class to lunch to other activities. 


We ask that if your child shows any possible symptoms, to please keep them home for 14 days and turn to virtual learning for that time frame. If you don’t feel comfortable sending your child back just yet, again, you may choose the virtual option. However, we expect everyone dressed in uniform and ready to go at the same time each day whether they are in the building or at home.


We look forward to what this year has to offer and hope you do too! Stay well!