bvm darbySummer is almost here! Students, parents and even teachers are looking forward to a well-deserved break. But for many parents, the end of the school year means asking a serious question: Is it time to transfer my student to another school?

Report cards will be out soon. For many students and parents this is a time of worry and anxiety. Parents with kids struggling to meet their potential are asking themselves if their child’s school is right for them. They wonder if a different school wouldn’t be better. Maybe smaller classes. More individualized attention. They wonder if their child’s school provides the structure need for their child to succeed.

There are a few questions parents consider when thinking about transferring their student to another school.

  1. Is my child meeting his or her potential?
  2. Are their grades as good as they can be?
  3. Are they happy?
  4. Would a smaller class size be better?
  5. Are they safe?
  6. Do you want more from your school than just academics?

A free public education may not be best for your child. Private schools can seem expensive, but they are more affordable than you think. Most offer financial aid, scholarships, grants and tuition assistance programs.

Blessed Virgin Mary in Darby is a Pre-K through 8th grade Catholic school in Philadelphia. Our school is rooted in the Catholic Church. We provide a rigorous education. We offer smaller classes which allows us to be more focused on each student.

BVM Darby is more affordable than you think.

The full cost to educate one student is over $10,000. But through the generosity of our parish every actively family in our parish receives a substantial tuition discount.

Beyond that we provide tens of thousands of dollars of financial aid, scholarships, grants and other forms of tuition assistance.

Transfer Grants
The Transfer Grants are for students transferring into BVM. We offer up to $1,000 per family for people transferring from another school.

Welcome Grants
Welcome Grants are for qualifying families enrolling their child in Pre-K or Kindergarten. To qualify, click here to complete the application.

Middle School Grants
BVM is offering a tuition grant for up to four-years for students transferring into BVM for 5th-8th grades. Middle school years can be difficult. BVM’s small classes, structured setting and values-driven curriculum can help middle school students succeed. Request information about our Middle School Grants.

At BVM, many opportunities for tuition assistance are available. For families applying to BVM grades Pre-K to 8th we highly encourage you to complete a FACTS application.

Most families will qualify. Click here to see the household income levels for qualifying families.

To apply through FACTS click here.

Your child’s education is one of the most important gifts you can give them. If your son or daughter isn’t getting everything they can from their current school, visit BVM in Darby. Ask about our financial aid, scholarships, tuition assistance and grants.

Click and apply to BVM Darby Today! Space is limited! Don’t miss out on this chance for your child.