Mrs. Burns



1 Small Green Composition Book – Music

2 Laminated Folders

5 Composition Books

1 Homework Assignment Book



1 Plastic 6 inch ruler

1 Plastic 12 inch ruler

2 Rolls of Paper Towels

2 Boxes of Tissues

1 Lysol Wipes

“Small” Scissors

Summer Reading 2022 8th Grade

During the summer, students are expected to complete two Summer Reading assignments. Both Summer Reading assignments will be due in September 2022. Students will be required to read ONE nonfiction and ONE fiction book. The nonfiction book discusses the American Civil War; this will prepare students because we will begin discussing the Civil War in September in social studies class. The books were selected from a list created by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Nonfiction Book:

The Boys’ War: Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War by Jim Murphy

Assignment: Create a Google Doc or a Google Slide Show that answers these questions fully and completely (Avoid one-word answers). (50 points)

1. What do you already know about the American Civil War?
2. Select five soldiers that are discussed in this book and then provide a brief summary about them. Who are they? Whose side did they fight on? What did they do during the war? What battles did they fight in? What happened to them during the war? FYI:
Thomas Galway, Elisha Stockwell, Jr., John Delhaney, and Charles Nott are some of the soldiers that get mentioned the most. Include page numbers.
3. After reading this book, what facts and information did you learn about the American Civil War? Provide 3-5 examples.
4. What pictures did you find interesting? Why? Include a page number.
5. Using this book, what were the causes and effects of the American Civil War?
6. Do you feel that this book is complete? If not, what do you think the author (Jim Murphy) should have included?

Fiction Novels (Pick one):

  1. A Handful of Stars by Cynthia Lord
  2. A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen
  3. As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds
  4. The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty
  5. The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani

Assignment: Create a Google Slide Show that answers these questions fully and completely (Avoid one word answers and paragraph answers). (50 points)

Slide Show Breakdown:

  • Slide 1: Title slide (book title, author, your name, picture of the book’s cover)
  • Slide 2: Main characters (3-5 examples); describe who they are
  • Slide 3: Fictional Elements (setting, conflict, allusions, foreshadow, figurative language)
  • Slide 4: Summary of the book (briefly summarize this book)
  • Slide 5: Quotes (3-5 examples of important sentences; include a page number)
  • Slide 6: Connections and Review (Could you connect/relate to this book in your life? Should others read this book?