Since March 13, 2020, students from pre-kindergarten to doctoral candidates have taken to remote schooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Philadelphia region, public school districts are just now, a little over a year later, opening their doors back open to in-person instruction. Luckily, Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia returned to in-person instruction September, 2020 with no in-school COVID-19 spread.This proves to those looking for in-person instruction, Catholic schools successfully met the COVID19 educational challenge with the answer to families in need of an open school.

Parents looking for in-person schooling should look no further than a Catholic education at BVM Darby. We offer a rigorous curriculum that, for each grade, goes above and beyond where students at that age should be, and our faculty and staff ensure a safe learning environment. The end of the school year last year, from March to June, our teachers worked endlessly to ensure each student was given a lesson each day via Zoom. Catholic schools provided the best education when in-person learning was not an option.

Unfortunately, many area Catholic schools have been hit hard by the pandemic, having to close their doors entirely. However, with the hard work and planning of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Catholic schools can bridge the gap for students from public and other schools that cannot provide the same resources and ability to re-open for in-person instruction. Furthermore, Catholic schools are affordable for all. Our Catholic schools have shown that not even a pandemic can stop our ability to effectively educate students.

Enroll your student at BVM Darby for the upcoming school year! We accept students from all backgrounds!