Archbishop Perez shares the value in choosing Catholic Education for your child. In this video, he reflects on the numerous gifts of a Catholic Education highlighting how Catholic Schools in the Philadelphia region are Raising the Bar in education.

  • Students score in top 20% of National Standardized testing
  • More Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence than any other school district in PA
  • 8th graders earn millions of dollars in scholarships to area high schools each year
  • Embraces the core fundamentals of reading, writing, and math while infusing STEM, STREAM and cutting edge technology into the curriculum
  • 89% of Catholic Elementary School students go on to earn a College Degree
  • Middle States accredited
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do
  • Reinforces timeless values and moral character
  • 150 years of history in Raising the Bar—each year setting it higher and higher

In short, Catholic Schools are faith filled, loving communities grounded in a tradition of Academic Excellence that form future leaders focused on serving the world around them.

Come in for a tour and see how BVM Catholic School in Darby is Raising the Bar in education.