BVM is More Affordable Than Ever

We recognize that choosing a private Catholic school is a sacrifice and major financial decision for families. To make BVM more affordable, we offer tens of thousands of dollars in tuition assistance through scholarships, financial aid, and grants for our Pre-K through 8th grade families. Over 80% of our families receive tuition assistance.

Most families qualify for tuition assistance through our scholarships, financial aid, or grants.

Grants and Scholarships

Blessed Virgin Mary School is more affordable than you think! We provide grants, scholarships, financial aid, and tuition assistance for almost all students attending BVM.

We do not want any student to leave school because of lack of funding. Click here to contact us if you have any questions.

Some scholarships and grants are only available to those that apply. We strongly encourage you to apply. Click here for the FACTS Aid link and apply for aid.

FACTS Grant and Aid

At BVM, many opportunities for tuition assistance are available. For families applying to BVM grades Pre-K to 8th we highly encourage you to complete a FACTS application.

Most families will qualify. Click here to view the household income levels for qualifying families.

To apply through FACTS click here.

Middle School Grants

BVM is offering a tuition grant for up to four-years for students transferring into BVM for 5th-8th grades. Middle school years can be difficult. BVM’s small classes, structured setting and values-driven curriculum can help middle school students succeed. Request information about our Middle School Grants.

Welcome Pre-K Scholarships (No application required.)

All PreK students will receive a $1000 Welcome Grant

Welcome Kindergarten Scholarships (No application required.)

All Kindergarten students will receive a $1000 Welcome Grant

Transfer Grant

If your student is transferring from a public school or other non-diocesan grade school, you will receive a $1500 transfer grant. The grant is payable in two installments. The first installment of $1000 is payable for the first year of attendance. The second installment of $500 is payable during the second year of attendance.

Form available from the school.

Other Scholarship Information



Children First America Delaware County


Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (only available to families residing within the city limits of Philadelphia)


If you have questions about tuition assistance, financial aid, scholarships, grants or applying to BVM please complete the form below or call.